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If you have a donation or payment to make, please see our Payments/Donations page or email CalClass2021@gmail.com with any questions for completing payment(s).

Here are the CHS 2020-2021 graduating class, Senior All Night Party 2021, planning Committee members:


You can reach us at CalClass2021@gmail.com


  • Pam Andrulis (616) 340-7025
  • Carrie Driscoll (616) 589-7153
  • Lynne Kotarski (616) 299-0983
  • Rachel Roberts (540) 589-1927

Class Advisors (teachers): Mrs. Fallot , Mrs. Waskiewicz

Class Gift: Amy VanderHoff

Payments: Rachel Roberts

Entertainment: Lynn Kotarski

Food/Beverages: Carrie Driscoll

Donations / Fundraising: Jeff Osterhouse and Pam Andrulis

Theme/Decorations/Treats: Heidi Winters and Rachel Roberts

Transportation: Marcy Torres

Web Design/Webmaster: Caren Robinson (616) 560-6636 – please contact her H E R E with reports of any broken links, error pages received, etc.