May 2021

May 21 – Graduation Update – Graduation has been rescheduled by CHS to June 2, 2021 to allow more attendees. Stay tuned here for updated graduation information.

The Senior All-Nighter is still being held as scheduled on 5/25/2021.

May 19 – All Nighter Information

Graduation is almost here!!  Important all-night party information !!

  • With graduation being held at the football stadium, please meet or get picked up by your parents/family from Kraft and then plan to be at CHS North Cafeteria entrance at around 8:45pm.  
  • At 8:45pm, you’ll be allowed into school (via gymnasium doors just north of the cafeteria entrance) to change into comfortable clothing – shorts or pants WITH POCKETS are highly recommended.  SOCKS are also highly recommended.  We’ll have a few on hand for those who forget 🙂  A sweatshirt is also not a bad idea … 
  • We can’t leave anything in school, so hand your cell phone, cap, gown, diploma, dress clothes to your parents or lock them in your car, if it’s there.
  • 9:00-9:30pm.  AFTER you’ve changed, you can head to the cafeteria entrance, get breathalyzed and check-in.  You’ll then have a light dinner and drinks in the cafeteria.  
  • You won’t be able to leave the school once you’ve checked in.  
  • PLEASE be on time so you don’t miss your ride to the venue.
  • IF you’re driving yourself to graduation and parking at Kraft, arrange for someone to drive your vehicle home that night.  We can’t have anyone driving home Wednesday morning exhausted.
  • Masks required in school, on transportation AND at the venue.  We wish this wasn’t the case, but our venue has to comply or get shut down.

(Written before 5/13 CDC vaccinated peeps mask guidelines announced … stay tuned for an update on this as we will have to follow school guidelines at school and venue guidelines.)  Never a dull moment!

  • Breathalyzers will be performed at check-in.  If you don’t pass, parents will be called to pick you up and no refunds will be given.  If alcohol is found AT the venue, same deal.  
  • You will be given ONE quart-size ziploc bag with your name to put your phone, meds (please include dosage for us), contact solution, socks (best to just wear them), car keys, etc.  We will be bringing these with us to the venue just in case you need them.  The best idea is to leave your phone with whoever drops u off .. then you don’t have to check it in 🙂 
  • If you need more than a ziploc bag for whatever reason, we’ll also be taking that upon check-in and will put your name on it and take it with us.  Any bags will be searched by parent volunteers.
  • You may NOT bring: water bottles, liquids, beverages, alcohol, drugs, vaping devices, nerf guns, electronics, phones, food.  No money is needed – no way to spend it!
  • There will be FOOD & DRINKS at the venue.  You will not go hungry 🙂
  • Grads will need to be picked up at CHS student parking lot at approx 5:30AM.  Please arrange a carpool if necessary.


8:45pm Gymnasium doors open for changing clothes

9:00-9:30pm   Senior check-in at North Cafeteria entrance

9:00-9:45pm Food & drinks

10:00pm Depart!

5:30am          Arrive back at school – student parking lot

After this crazy year it’s time to have a little fun !!!  We hope you have a great night and we are SO EXCITED you actually get to have an all-nighter and graduation !!!  

If there are any emergencies, please contact one of us:

Pam Andrulis   616-340-7025

Carrie Driscoll   616-589-7153

Lynne Kotarski   616-299-0983

Rachel Roberts   540-589-1927

PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to email us with any additional questions at:

March 2021

March 11 – CHS Class of 2021 Parents/Guardians:
We would like to express our pride in the seniors this year! As we all know, these kids have had so many things to overcome, including the mental and emotional ups and downs the past year has thrown at them. Yet, these kids have adapted and overcome like no other senior class before them! It’s been amazing to watch them jump right in and rock this year out so gracefully! We cannot wait to see our seniors graduate in the spring!!!
On that note, we are also getting extremely excited for the party the night of graduation! The senior all-nighter is a tradition that has long been carried out for decades. It was so unfortunate to see the previous class not get to experience one last class party together. This year’s seniors currently have the chance to join their classmates for one final class party! If you or your student haven’t filled out the registration form, please click the link below. If you’re unsure if you or your student have already registered, simply send us an email to find out if it has been done, and we will let you know if one has or has not been submitted.
After you have submitted the form, you are prompted to make your payment. If, for any reason, your family is unable to pay some or all of the $100 registration fee, we want you to email us. It will be completely confidential. If your student wants to go to the all-nighter, then we want them to go, no matter what! If you’d like to make arrangements to pay a little at a time, we can do that as well! We are here to help, so PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to email us at:

Rest assured, you will receive a refund in the event the all-nighter is canceled.

*Please let us know by this Monday, March 15th if you need any help so we know your student wants to go and so we know how many students are attending for planning purposes. After Monday, March 15th the cost of the registration fee goes up to $115.*

Here is the link for the registration form:
CHS Class of 2021 All-Nighter Registration Form

Remember to enjoy these last days of high school with your student. As we all know, time flies and they will leave the nest before we can even turn around!

The CHS Class of 2021 All-Nighter Committee

January 2021


The Class of 2021 All-night Party Team is pleased to officially announce registration for the senior all-nighter is OPEN !!

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve created our own website with a link to the registration and are taking Venmo/Paypal! (these links are only available to this year’s class)

This will be passed down to all future classes to use for their parties.  

We’re also pleased to announce our great low price of $100!  We want to keep the party affordable, but we’ll still have some bells and whistles. We will be looking for donations to help offset our costs, which are more than $100pp, which also new this year, will be tax-deductible!  If you own a business or want to make a personal donation, please contact one of us!  Contact info is on the website. You can also sponsor another senior, who may otherwise not be able to attend.

Please note the February 28 deadline for registration and payment.  We need an accurate count as soon as we can for planning and purchasing purposes!  In case Covid rains on our parade, we will be coming up with an alternative or issuing refunds for all funds not spent (for instance, if gifts are purchased, we will hand those out + the remaining refund.)  We certainly hope we don’t have to do this, but want to mention since 2020 had to cancel their party.  (And we figured someone would ask anyway.)

All the info you need is on our website link below.  GO SCOTS!  GO CLASS OF 2021!!